[Flashback] Wiz Khalifa – Black And Yellow (Cris Cab Remix)

22 Jun

I’ve decided to start a new segment here on Orbiting Sound: Flashback Friday! I’ll find a hot artist and go back and give you all a song from their roots/beginnings. It’s like reflecting back on all the crazy girlfriends you’ve had over the years…except this is a ton better… Admittedly this first FF song isn’t very far back, but with the recent rise in Cris Cab, and his new single with Big Sean and signing with Mercury Records, I felt it was a good flashback to do. Cris Cab’s cover/remix of Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow is one of my favorite early songs by him. Released about a year ago, this song essentially represents Cris Cab’s chill, summer in Miami vibe and his amazing vocal and lyrical abilities that can fuse reggae with hip-hop. I’ve been a fan of Cris for a while, and it’s songs like this that got me hooked. Check it out (oh and as much as I hate to say it…congrats to the Heat):

– T

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