Neonfaith – Escape (Official Video)

4 Apr

We’re Back!!

Orbiting Sound took a bit of a hiatus, but now we’re back in business! I think it’s fitting that the first post should be Neonfaith, a band I’ve excitedly featured before.

Here’s the brand-new video of Escape, a single off their upcoming EP out this summer. Enjoy the chill vibes and the great storyline of the video, matching perfectly with the song’s mood. I’m eagerly awaiting Neonfaith’s upcoming work.

– T
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Frank Ocean – Channel Orange

10 Jul

The newest Odd Future release is no disappointment as Frank Ocean expresses his innermost feelings regarding topics such as his first love, unwanted solitude, and addiction. Channel Orange captures the beautiful and complex soul the Frank Ocean is with big songs like “Thinking Bout You,” “Sweet Life,” and “Pink Matter.” To be honest, I cannot find one fault with this album and I know that it’s going to erupt both Frank and OFWGKTA into the mainstream. Featuring Earl Sweatshirt, John Mayer, and Andre 3000, Channel Orange gently guides the audience from one direction to the next. If you are one for beautiful vocals, chill vibes, and thoughtfulness, I can guarantee you will love this album just as I do. Below is the track “Sweet Life,” with some summertime/chill production from Pharell that resonates throughout the ears. The album can be found on iTunes.

– C

HOLLOW – In a Fraze (prod. Fish)

4 Jul

Our next song comes from an up and coming rapper out of Dallas, Texas. We are here to announce the release of Okami Hollow’s premiere mixtape, The Send Off. “In a Fraze” is the fifth track on his mixtape and is one of my favorites. His flow on this song is astoundingly dope (read this like a British gangster), and I love the lyrics of this track that come with a true down-to-earth feeling, yet still awesome.

The only thing I killed is a nice beat. I once was a loser but I know not defeat.

Check out HOLLOW’s mixtape and look for him to keep spitting more dope verses:

– T

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Miracles of Modern Science – Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen cover)

28 Jun

Despite how much I don’t like the actual song by Carly Rae Jepsen, Miracles of Modern Science‘s cover of “Call Me Maybe” is pretty well done. They put a fresh and interesting take on the vastly overplayed song (sorry for the radio cynicism haha). The vocal harmonies and edgy instrumentals distinctive of this five piece orchestral indie band create an eclectic combination of mandolin, violin, cello, standup bass, and drums. I’ve been a fan for a while and this is a good cover by MOMS. If you like it, be sure and check out Dog Year by them:

– T

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Matt and Kim – Let’s Go

25 Jun

Matt and Kim, a well-known indie rock-pop duo, has managed to keep producing some solid music. Most people probably forgot about them after “Daylight”, but their musical charisma is still evident in their teaser single, “Let’s Go”. This track is characteristically upbeat and exciting, with a very catchy hook. It’s just a happy song! Look for Lightning out this fall.

– T

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Stars – The Theory of Relativity

24 Jun

First off, I have to admit that I originally listened to this song solely because of the science-based track name and my own nerdiness..but either way it’s a great pop song from the Canadian group, Stars. The background vocals, multilayered synths, and catchy chorus make this a hit for me. It really reminds me of the 90’s music I wasn’t alive to hear.  Stars’ new album, The North, drops September 4. Don’t be afraid to check them out:

– T

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Neonfaith – Escape

23 Jun

This next song comes from a small group out of NYC, NeonFaith. With a fusion of electronica, hip hop, and soul (kinda like neapolitan ice cream), their first recorded song is definitely setting them up for some great things. The lead singer (Megan)’s voice nicely complements the guitar backline and the overall mixing of the song. “Escape” is a nice, mellow song that really gets me grooving about 2 minutes in.

Watch for these guys to keep producing great music. I’ve got my fingers crossed about them.

– T

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[Flashback] Wiz Khalifa – Black And Yellow (Cris Cab Remix)

22 Jun

I’ve decided to start a new segment here on Orbiting Sound: Flashback Friday! I’ll find a hot artist and go back and give you all a song from their roots/beginnings. It’s like reflecting back on all the crazy girlfriends you’ve had over the years…except this is a ton better… Admittedly this first FF song isn’t very far back, but with the recent rise in Cris Cab, and his new single with Big Sean and signing with Mercury Records, I felt it was a good flashback to do. Cris Cab’s cover/remix of Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow is one of my favorite early songs by him. Released about a year ago, this song essentially represents Cris Cab’s chill, summer in Miami vibe and his amazing vocal and lyrical abilities that can fuse reggae with hip-hop. I’ve been a fan of Cris for a while, and it’s songs like this that got me hooked. Check it out (oh and as much as I hate to say it…congrats to the Heat):

– T

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ANTHM – Be Still

21 Jun

Now presenting, from Duke University and the city that never sleeps: ANTHM. This track comes from the mixtape he just released, Joy & Pain. He seriously has a great flow and you can tell that he’s deeply passionate about his rapping, which I love to see. The best part is, he’s a stock trader during the day! (I can imagine that stock trading might be pretty painful…)

If everything I lost is what it takes, I can’t wait to march with the greats.

Check this dude out; soon he will be with the greats.

– T

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Saint Motel – 1997

20 Jun

Next up is a song from yet another California band (I guess they are just a lot of them!). Saint Motel has been on my radar for a while, and with the release of a brand new track two days ago, I decided to post one of my favorite songs by them released about a month ago. “1997” is a song that is extremely characteristic of the feel that Saint Motel exudes throughout all of their music. A level of California mood is portrayed, but serious time has been devoted to lyrics that match the high quality of the music. The energetic instrumental intro and the catchy chorus are just two more reasons to listen in. Look for their debut album, Voyeur, out July 10.

– T